Thursday, 5 March 2009

Come on lets have some positive reporting about recruitment!

On the Chris Evans Radio 2 Show on Thursday 4th March, during the business section Kevin Green, Chief Executive from the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) was interviewed about salaries. Although the title of this section was 'How to ask for an increase in your salary' the interview progressed into more ‘doom & gloom’ being reported on unemployment predictions for the future. With Kevin Green informing us that salary levels have dropped the fastest for 11 years and they are 10% lower for those getting new permanent, contract & temporary jobs. Also, that there will be a long slow movement downwards within the UK, with 3 million unemployed by early next year. So when can we look forward to getting back to nearly full employment like we are accustomed to? End of 2011!!!!

OMG!!!! lets all just give up now!!!!!

We are all aware there are less jobs about but here at Steve Cooper Recruitment Ltd we are slowly but steadily recruiting both experienced Creatives and Account Handler types within the Creative & Marketing Sectors. Other sectors of recruitment must be seeing some positives.

As a recruiter within the Creative Sector (4 years with Steve Cooper Recruitment Ltd) with over 15 years recruitment experience, I agree we need to be as realistic as possible with candidates looking for work, but ‘come on’ we need to give unemployed candidates and those looking for new jobs - some hope. I agree with the statement from Kevin Green that for the last 10 years the employees have driven the recruitment process, including salaries and now the power is in the hand of the employer. I am informing our registered candidates of this switch but also reassuring them that as a Professional Recruitment Consultant, with the backing of a Professional Creative Recruitment Agency, that I will be using my expertise to negotiate a positive outcome for them. Good professional Recruitment Agencies should be automatically doing this for their registered candidates.

For employers this is a fantastic time to be growing teams, there is a huge increase of quality/experienced candidates available at the moment. As professional recruiters within the creative sector we’d advise employers to pay the right market value for candidates, to prevent the new employee continue to search to obtain a fair salary.

As the Chris Evans show is a positive, upbeat show I’m sure Chris would be with me when I say…….

Lets all stop looking on the black side and start celebrating the successes!

Ann Downs

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