Friday, 3 April 2009

21st Anniversary Red Dwarf on Dave – Smeggin’ brilliant!

To celebrate the 21st birthday of the excellent Sci-Fi cult comedy, Red Dwarf Dave are screening a new 3 part special over Easter.

As a one time singleton the pleasures of Dave helped me through many a lonely evening. While relaxing on the couch in my boxer shorts eating Doritos, drinking Stella and farting I whiled away the hours watching re-runs of Top Gear, Mock the Week, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and of course Red Dwarf!

If you’re not familiar with Red Dwarf here’s a quick run down…Curry loving Dave Lister is the last human being in space, with only his spaceship's senile computer, Holly for company – until Holly provides a hologram of his dead room mate, Arnold Rimmer who he detested. There’s also a humanoid creature that evolved from the ship's cat and a cleaning-obsessed robot called Kryten. That's the lot of Dave Lister, trapped aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf in this clever and sometimes poignant cult sci-fi comedy. 

The amazing thing about Red Dwarf is that it always triumphed over its TV sitcom budget. Reverse universes, exploding spaceships, genetically engineered life-forms and ruthless killer mutants – over eight series the makers took us across the universe, three million years from home…yet never left their earthly characters behind.

So now - much to my girlfriend’s disgust I will be slobbing on the sofa over Easter in my boxers watching Red Dwarf – Back to Earth on Dave. Maybe I can persuade her to do the same! - Steve Cooper

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